Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Long Face 2020

Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Long Face 2020

Choosing the right hairstyle for a long face can become sometimes a real big problem as with the passage of the time you may get bored of your current hairstyle so in order to change the hairstyle that you have got on your long face so should definitely visit our this pretty helping guide that can give you some ideas and tips on how you can generally style and manage your hair all day long with the ease that you have never felt.

The new year is fastly approaching and the means new hair trends. Short hair has really been making a scene lately and 2020 is the perfect time to take the leap and try something new. These hair trends can be anywhere from a gorgeous lob or a trendy pixie. The great thing about short hair is the creativity you have with it.

Look on to see 30 of our favorite short hair trends for 2020.

Fall is here and the weather is getting cooler which means it is time to change our summer hair for something a little more appropriate for fall. This change can be something simple like a color change or go a little more drastic with a big chop. Bob styles are the perfect new fall look to debut and you will love your new style.

Here are 30 stunning bob cuts if you’re thinking of changing your hair for fall.

Auburn hair is gorgeous, just like the season. It looks stunning on everyone and is so versatile, you can’t go wrong with the color or style you choose. Regardless if you’re choosing to change your hair color to auburn or have a natural hair color you’re cutting, your friends will be jealous of your beautiful hair color.

Here are 20 of our favorite auburn short hairstyles that you need to try this year.

Short hair and curls go together perfectly. Regardless of how short your hair is, you can still achieve that perfect wave that will look stunning anywhere you go. Curls are great for dressing up your look or just being casual.

Here are 35 of our favorite short curly hairstyles that you can replicate the next time you’re going out.

Summer is in full swing, so why not add a fun summer hairstyle to go with it. Lobs are the perfect hairstyle to rock during the summer since they are short but you don’t feel like you’re losing all of your lengths.

Check out thirty of our favorite summer lob styles that are perfect to try out.

The Ponytail Hairstyle

This is very important that you should avoid the puffs and volumes into your hair that will make you hair even more longer than aid is so try having tight ponies on the top of your head or going to the complete opposite trying having the very loose and messy ponies that will definitely frame your while face.

Having longer hair is great but it can take a lot of work and maintenance to keep up. If you’re retired and want to enjoy more of life and spend less time on your hair, maybe it is time to think about getting a shorter haircut. Bobs, pixies, and lobs are all great hairstyles to consider that will be low maintenance but still look fashionable.

If you’re unsure if you want to take the big chop or not, check out these 30 short hairstyles that are perfect for senior citizens. We promise your mind will be changed.

Wedding season is in full swing, which means fancy dress, all night partying, and of course stunning hair. Your wedding day hair is important because you want to have your own unique style but you also want it to look romantic and whimsical. Even with short hair, you can have a gorgeous hairstyle that you won’t regret on your wedding day.

Here are 40 of our favorite short wedding day hairstyles.

Cutting your hair shorter can be scary, so try out this longer lob instead. The hairstyle is still short but you won’t feel like you’re losing all your length at once.

The Bangs Hairstyle

This works like a owned, even if you choose the side bags or even you go with the regular front bangs both can work up really well for you. Just remember that by having this bags hairstyle you will have to manage your hair time plus you will also have to give your hair the touch ups all day long.

The curls this can also work for you if you love hem this will give the illusion that your face is in the broad shape and instead of looking look you will look completely at the balance so try having these tips included in your lifestyle.

Short Hairstyles 2019

 If you want to have a change for your hairstyle in next year opt for anyone of the styles that can match your style:

Short bob is a great daily hairstyle for an oval face and thick hair. It’s longer than a pixie cut. The long layers are possible due to dense hair for a lovely rounded back, and a curve at the nape. The side parting complementing an oval face. They drape on one side creating an extra-long fringe. This gives a soft look, with pretty curves and long side-burns. Short edgy haircut has heaps of volume on the top and finish off with a bright, blue hair color. This is a vibrant and powerful style. The side parting and tousling add to the edgy effect.

Naturally grey pixie If is for a trendy woman over 50 who is looking for change. Some of the grey has naturally started to set in. This trendy modern cut gives you glamour while retaining your natural color. Crisp & stylish black and white-blonde pixie gives a high-fashion look added with geometric cutting and strong lines. A thinning effect is added to the thick straight hair and shaped into forward falling curves in platinum-blonde. The density keeps increasing until the side-swept extra-long fringe is totally white. Co-lour contrasts increase the lovely texture and shape. There is a 3-point finish at the nape. Asymmetrical bob with choppy layers and highlights has an A-line back and choppy layers all around.

The already thick hair, makes it more voluminous and darker with blonde highlights on top.

Wavy bob with blunt bangs is suitable for naturally wavy hair. A bit of product and a big barrel curling iron, can add super straight bangs.

Loose waves bob with three-tone color for thick hair gives a natural colored look at first glance This is a color-treated style using about three different shades.

How To Straighten Your Hair | Step By Step Hairstyling

Short Bob Hairstyles

A bob is the most timeless and classic look that always remain in style. Lets dig into the short bob styles that may suit your style and moods.

The Platinum Bob is cut to perfection leaving behind a subtle texture with a few layers and the brow- length bangs.

Glamour Bob is cut slightly past the chin with slight or no layers. Side bangs curve down to the jawline. It brings an old-Hollywood glamour through the curls.

Layered Bob Lock is at chin length and medium length layers add shape and volume. Sweet Texture Bob is a super cute and sassy bob that has layers in blended texture and soft side bangs which give a soft appearance.

Sharp Contrast Bob is a double-toned bob haircut having a bright copper color having a covered of midnight black on top. The layers around the face create versatility and texture.

Edgy Bob is cut near the chin and has no layers. There are razor-ed edges beneath the cut. Due to the jagged edges the cut doe-snot look too heavy and stuffy. Sweet Highlights is one of the chin length bob haircut which parts slightly to one side and has long bangs. It has no layers so keeps thin hair looking full. Some highlights break up the darkness of base color.

Simple Elegance has a gorgeous, chestnut-colored bob which slightly goes beyond the chin and has layers which round it at the bottom. Short bangs frame the face and balance the longer face shapes.

Short & Sassy Bob lies above chin length increasing the sass factor. Copper colored curls are parted side parted and minimal layering keeps full look.

Crimped Texture Bob is a scarlet red bob haircut which has length till the chin. It has minimum layers and a few side bangs. The fun is added to this style due to amazing crimped texture.

Hair Colour for Long Hair

Hair coloring means changing the color of hair. The fundamental cause behind for this trend is completely cosmetic that is to colour the hair gray, to alter to a color for being more into fashion or trends. Even restoring back the original hair color after it has been discolored by hairdressing processes or sun bleaching can be considered as hair dying. Hair coloring can be accomplished with the help of professionally qualified hairdresser or can be done independently at home. Currently, hair coloring is a globally popular trend with over 75 percent of American women dyeing their hair. At home coloring in the United States reached $1.9 billion in the year 2011, and is expected to raise to $2.2 billion by 2016.

The shades and colours have to be opted according to the complexion and face tone. Sometimes moods alterations also influence the choice of colours. The important thing to know about colours is that they should suit ones personality otherwise they would appear awkward.

There are several colours being used to dye the hair. The range of colours vibrates between white and black, red and brown and so on. The commonly used colours are as follows:

Black is the most common colour. It is a natural shade adding colour of decency, sobriety.

Grey is becoming popular day by day. It is a decent colour too. Some prefer going for all grey and some go for dome grey strands among their natural set of hair.

Auburn comes as a set of shades from red to brown. They suit fair complexions more.

Brown is a beautiful member of the hair dyes and looks fabulous with all skin tones. The brown has number of alternatives in its shades: Be achy brown, caramel brown, honey brown, golden brown, chestnut brown, mahogany brown, medium and dark ash brown, smoky brown

One globally acclaimed colour to dye your hair is blonde. Happy co louring!



Prom Hairstyles for Black Girls

Prom is a special time for the young ladies. It is a time of celebration and fun when they want to look and feel awesome. This all begins with wonderfully done hair. Just like girls all over the world the black girls take it as a special day. They look for different styles so they can stand out among their friends.There are several prom hairstyles for black girls to choose from. They are edgy, classy and simple.

1. Braided Up-do is a cute style comprising of braids. The braids are tied to the top to create beauty.

2. Over-sized Bun is an elegant up-do highlighting a large bun with swooping bang which adds a little glamour to the appearance.

3. Curly Love is a romantic style with sweeping curls to the side.

4. Black Tie Elegance gives a stunning look which is perfect for those who prefer individual braids and deadlocks.

5. Fancy Pants are intricate twists and buns for fancy and glamorous looks.

6. Midnight Purple Bob is a fun style by adding color to a well done cut.

7. Naturally Chic is a style featuring naturally curly hair and cornrows.

8. Cute Mohawk features a cute curly Mohawk and side cornrows.

9. Soft n’ Pretty gives an all over curly look from short to medium length hair.

10. Diva Wave creates beautiful waves adorning this long style giving a prom diva look.

11. First Lady is an elegant bob style that can transform you into the most unique girl at the prom!

This is just a glance of the styles that can suit you in the prom. The styles can range from simplest to intricate ones, but what matters is choosing the one according to your featured. So choose a style to match your own self.


Excellent Boob Hair Style for Girls

Hairstyle is very important to groom your personality if you want look good you should take care about your hair

style if you want to look young and active women then you should apply bob haircut over your head.

There are many pattern of bob hair style like long and short. Round faces girl look awesome in short bob hair cut in

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